Here to assist you reach a state of mindfulness

From offline downloads to subject-based routes of your choice, making it easier for you to bring meditation into your daily life
Reduce Stress and Relax

Reduce Stress and Relax

Relax those muscles, ease the stress out of your body and feel yourself calm down with every new meditation.

Sleep Better

Sleep Better

Unwind your mind and body, let go of wandering thoughts and learn to power down your mind.

Increase Focus

Increase Focus

Clearer sharper focus means a more productive you. Engage your mind to focus sharply without distractions to make the most of the day

Features for a Superior Experience

Boost your productivity by utilizing ease-of-use features making your meditation journey simpler and easier

Offline listening

Listen to our vast collection of meditations conveniently where ever you are, without the additional stress of WiFi availability or Mobile data plans or internet speed.

Personalize your experience

Choose between different voices, background scores and adjust the sound levels to your comfort.

Track your progress

See how far you’ve come and what sessions you’ve taken.

Build a habit

Set reminders for your meditation sessions. Let us help you meet your goals at becoming a better you.

In your language

Select the language that you are most comfortable with from our range of options, English, Urdu, Punjabi & Hindi

Stay updated with new content

Get notified when new content becomes available, we keep launching new sessions so you never run out of practice to make you feel better.

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So soothing that I was asleep in seconds. Voice over was superb and so was the content. Comparable to the best in the world

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by a customer

Bohat acha rha.. Urdu zabaan men experience English ki nisbat zyada effective tha.

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our multilingual features

This App can help people relax, manage chronic stress and even reduce reliance on pain medication

Customer's thoughts on managing stress

I was never able to meditate but the calm soothing voice in this app has enabled me to relax almost to a trance-like state. It totall works to relieve from stress and help fall asleep.

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